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Nyonya €

Food at Nyonya

I have walked past this place daily for ages and noticed it but never ventured in until it was featured on that goldmine of local foodie info, Patricia Jacob’s blog Amsterdam Bites To Die For – click it and see!  I had what she had so if you want a more eloquent description click the link just mentioned otherwise it was…. Nasi Lemak Nyonya – which it the dish pictured with 6 different things which are: Coconut rice (although it just seemed like rice to me!), very crispy fried chicken, those pickled veggies, cucumber salad, peanuts with little salty fishes which were great with a mouthful of rice and an awesome sambal made with shrimps to a family recipe (12€).  I also tried the Daging Nyonya (the beef broccoli pic) which was with that same lovely sambal, super tender beef, absolutely perfect (14€ which as about as high as the prices go here).  Also not to forget the fried prawn dumplings which were crispy, light and had a chunk of identifiable prawn inside.  I like my food spicy so I lashed on the sambal from the pot on the table… go slow, it was fierce!

This is a stone’s throw from the Nieuwmarkt at Kloveniersburgwal 38 and open daily, kitchen open from 1pm to 9pm.

Check out their website here