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About Us

That Dam Guide began providing small group tours in December of 2013, inspired to provide a more personalized tour service. Amsterdam has an abundance of charm and beauty and we show you the city’s character in a conversational way, matching it to your personal interests.


Here is an introduction to our guides:


Hi, I’m now Dutch but originally from South Africa and came to Amsterdam in 1991. Amsterdam was amazing then too and I loved it so much that I stayed for 4 years. Next was a stint in England where I studied law, worked in property development. I chucked it all in 2009 and came back to Amsterdam and became a tour guide. I’ve always loved the city and the sense of community in the neighborhoods here.

Sinking roots here is the happiest thing I’ve done. I started ‘That Dam Guide’ in 2013. Guiding has been so much fun, doing what I love best, showing visitors around beautiful Amsterdam and constantly ferreting out new places to go and things to do. I provide small group and private tours in and around Amsterdam.

Please get in touch if you have any questions:


Hi, I’m from the Netherlands but grew up in Toronto, Canada. Until age 22, I was immersed in the ballet world, before reluctantly discovering there was a whole universe outside the studio.

After traveling extensively to study, teach, and explore other careers, I eventually found my way back to Amsterdam, where I have been giving tours since 2009. My work allows me to share my passion for my favorite city while getting enough exercise to eat as much apple pie as I like.


Hi, I’m from New Jersey but have lived in the Netherlands since 2003. I love the good quality of life here and the really strong sense of community and people are connected.

The best thing about being a tour guide is meeting people from different countries and walks of life and sharing my passion for Amsterdam with them. Oh, and getting on my bike is instant happiness.


Hi, I’m from Ireland and worked in the film business in Los Angeles for a number of years. A few years ago I met a Dutch lady and she had me imported to Amsterdam.

Both storytelling and performing improv comedy are loves of mine, and these two passions made it easy for me to decide not to get a “real job” and instead become a tour guide. I try hard on each tour not to eat the apple pie.


Hi, I’m from the Netherlands and I’ve always loved traveling and learning about new cultures, histories and the peculiarities of the places I visited. After an extensive trip in 2012 (riding a motorcycle from India to Europe with a pile of books and a drum kit on the back), I realized I wanted to share the information and experience I’d gathered over the years.

After a year of showing people around in various Belgian cities, I moved back to my hometown Amsterdam and since then have been happily sharing and exchanging knowledge, insights, opinions, and practical info with visitors about the most interesting city in the world.