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We specialize in small group and private tours in Amsterdam and around the beautiful Dutch countryside.

We offer awesome quality tours for you to remember without feeling stressed and jostled; hence we prefer not to have groups of more than 10 people.

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- #1 of 521 Amsterdam Tours on TripAdvisor -

Awesome red light district walking tour!

We did a red light district walking tour and loved it. We really liked that it was done at 8pm when things start to come alive. Many other tour groups do tours earlier in the day and have larger groups. The price may be lower, but you don’t actually see anything. With this tour you get a lot of quality information and it’s all done in a respectful way.

– kyleandpatricia2016, TripAdvisor
Awesome Countryside and Windmill tour!

"It was such a great day! Mark took us out into the beautiful Dutch countryside to view and learn about the dykes and how the irrigation system works, then to visit a gorgeous, non-touristy seaside village(so so beautiful and quite a highlight), then to a working farm and then to the windmills with a lovely picnic lunch. Mark was a great guide and so knowledgeable as well as friendly and made everyone feel welcome. It was also great to get off the tourist path and avoid the bus loads of big tours and see something more authentic. I would totally recommend this."

– NomiG, TripAdvisor
Nice Amsterdam Intro!

"Lee took us around Amsterdam on the walking tour which was great. She’s definitely knowledgeable, knows her way around the town, gave us great recommendations and made things as comfortable as possible for us. We enjoyed the tour and definitely worth the money."

– TravelingRobs, TripAdvisor
Best walking tour I've ever been on!

"After all my travels across Europe, I have become very fond of walking tours. This was hands down the best tour! Mark's tour was addictive! His content was fascinating, and his personality made everything so much fun! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this on your first day, to better your understanding of all things in Amsterdam!"

– Doug, TripAdvisor
Loved this tour!

"Absolutely loved this tour with Mark! He is a very thorough and considerate guide. I took a picture of something on the tour and he emailed me a picture of that particular building from years ago later that day. This is a great way to learn about Amsterdam and The Netherlands and I highly recommend this small group tour!"

– Lovemycatsnj, TripAdvisor
Best introduction to a European city that we've ever experienced!

"Bottom line -- if you are going to Amsterdam, you can't get a better introduction to the city than the 3-hour small group walking tour offered by Mark of That Dam Guide. He provides a thorough but nicely paced overview of the city that can serve as the perfect starting point to your Amsterdam vacation. Knowledgeable, friendly, funny -- Mark had it all and we couldn't have been happier with the experience."

– Maurice, TripAdvisor
A great way to start your visit in Amsterdam!

"We did both the City Walking tour with Rob and the Red Light District tour with Lee. Both tours were extremely informative. We find that walking tours provide extra insight and information that you wouldn’t find in guidebooks, with the personal touch of engaging and friendly guides. Thoroughly recommend both tours!

– Neale, TripAdvisor