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Rijksmuseum Tour

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The Rijksmuseum can be quite overwhelming as it is big, full, and surprisingly confusing to navigate. We offer a guided walk through the museum of the Dutch Golden Age period. What that means is pretty much the 1600s when the money was flooding in and the wealthy certainly splashed it around on grand art, spectacular furniture, comfortable living and follies.

  • See the story of the rise of the Dutch republic and its mighty sea power using allegorical paintings that illustrate important moments of its history.
  • The Rijksmuseum encapsulates the Golden age with its treasure trove of objects, furniture, models, guns, canon, china, Delftware, dolls houses and drinking games that and you will see during the tour.
  • The entrance hall to the Gallery of Honour reminds visitors of the duties expected of responsible citizens of the period and shows a thorough history of Dutch culture in the arts and sciences.
  • The Gallery of Honour is where Rembrandt’s Night Watch is hanging, which is looking better by the day as it is undergoing a slow and public restoration. Other artists on show include Vermeer, Frans Hals, Ferdinand Bol, Flinck, Saenredam to name but a few.