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Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Quick Details

2 ways of learning about the Red Light District now that guided tours are prohbited.


Private Tour

Understanding Amsterdam’s Red Light District

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without touring the city’s most famous / infamous neighborhood – the Red Light District.

Tours of the Red Light District are now banned so beware, when you see a tour being offered it won’t go into the district. They will probably talk about it just outside the district and then send you into the area alone afterwards.

There are 2 ways of still a way of having a meaningful learning experience

Small Group with the PIC

If you are looking for a group experience that costs about 25 euros per person then you should go for this… The PIC (Prositution Information Centre) had been giving tours of the area forever. With the current restrictions they have changed their format. You go to their premises in the Red Light District, which is tucked between working red light windows. There, a sexworker or long term ally will give a detailed talk all about the area and the industry. Questions are very welcome and discussion is encouranged.

After the talk, you walk on your own through the district looking out for things that you have just learned about during the talk. Then you return to the PIC after your walk for follow up questions. These ‘Talk and Walk’ sessions are at 5pm, last 90 minutes, and are held from Wednesday through to Saturday and cost 25 euros per person. Booking is via the PIC website, here is a link: 

Private Tour with Mark

There is another way of having a private tour with me of the Red Light District. We meet at a cafe and I explain the following:

  • The history of the Red Light District and of prostitution in general in Amsterdam
  • Today’s legal framework and the good elements of legalisation
  • How sexworkers rent their spaces and what’s included
  • How much sexworkers tend to charge their clients and how to negotiate
  • Security in the area and the role of the management companies and the police
  • Demographics among sexworkers

Then I walk you thorugh the district to the Red Light Secrets Museum. I can legally take you to where we have an appointment in the area but I will not be stopping during our walk and talking in the district as this is not legal. I will show you around the museum which is in an old red light window brothel and explain various things there.   After that we walk out of the district in a different direction to another cafe where we talk about:

  • How the Amsterdam City Council has been trying to shut down and move the district
  • The down side of leganisation
  • Other formats of sexwork in the Netherlands
  • Different legal frameworks around the world and their pros and cons
  • Any questions that you have about the area and the industry



A few Reviews…

red light district tour  – Review from Tripadvisor September 18, 2019 by claired675

We had a great time with Mark last night! Mark was informative, respectful and humorous which is important on this tour. We learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the nearly 2 hours. It’s the first time I’ve seen my husband so engaged on a tour!!!!!! Mark can only take 4 guests (new laws), but the increase in price of the tour is well worth it. Thanks mark.

Red Light District Tour – Review from Tripadvisor August 25, 2019 by Mariel C

Our Red Light District tour with Lee was a great introduction for us to Amsterdam. It wound up being a private tour, and Lee was extremely knowledgable about the area. Lee was happy to answer any questions we had about Amsterdam in general and took us throughout the entire Red Light District so that we could explore!

Awesome red light district walking tour! – Review from Tripadvisor  May 5, 2019 by kyleandpatricia2016

We did a red light district walking tour and loved it. We really liked that it was done at 8pm when things start to come alive. Many other tour groups do tours earlier in the day and have larger groups. The price may be lower, but you don’t actually see anything. With this tour you get a lot of quality information and it’s all done in a respectful way.

Red Light District Tour – Review from Tripadvisor April 13, 2019 by Joe_Aloha

We booked the walking Red Light District Tour online. The rules changed in Amsterdam and walking tours at night now couldn’t exceed 4 individuals, so our tour was very intimate. Our guide, Mark, met us as instructed and proceeded to guide us through the labyrinth of the district. He was very knowledgeable, having previously lived in the area. If you’re interested in learning more and seeing first hand what the red light district is all about, give Mark and That Dam Guide a try.