Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Quick Details

Start Point:  At 20h30 on the sidewalk outside the Barbizon Palace Hotel

End Point: Near the Old Church

Please note: The City Council has made a new decision affecting any Amsterdam Red Light District Tour: From 1 April 2019, no tours larger than 4 people are allowed after 7pm. So we’ll be running a Semi-Private Tour of up to 4 people at 20h30.

The first 2 tickets are sold as a pair, thereafter it is possible to buy individual tickets. The reason for this is that we don’t run the tours with just 1 person booked in.


Dive Into the city’s most famous area on our Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without touring the city’s most infamous neighborhood – the Red Light District.

Most companies offer an Amsterdam Red Light District Tour and just say that they respect the area and the women but they actually do the opposite with their big groups of up to 20 people at 4 or 5 pm when there is nothing to see! We respect the area and the sex workers because we have small groups of 4 max and we slip through discretely, without being in the way of the women trying to do their job. We walk at 8:30pm as we are small enough not to be caught by the big tour ban. This tour is fun and a bit bawdy and that is what the area is all about. For Mark and Lee, both ardent liberal feminists, the most vital thing about the area is that the rights of the women are respected.

Discover what this neighborhood is all about with That Dam Guide. The tour covers the following topics:

  • The history of the Red Light District and of prostitution in general in Amsterdam
  • Today’s legal framework which has both good and bad points
  • The impacts gentrification has on the area and the business
  • How the women rent their spaces and what’s included
  • How much women tend to charge their clients and how to negotiate
  • Security in the area and the role of the management companies and the police
  • Men for women behind the windows, transgender and the so-called elite streets
  • We show you and talk (from the outside) about sex shops, live sex theatres, peep shows, strip clubs and let you know which are good and which to avoid
  • We encourage and love discussion on the tour

We show you around this iconic corner of Amsterdam and give you a real insider’s view on how it all works. We do this discreetly and safely and you will walk away having learned about aspects of the area that you never knew existed.