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Van Gogh Museum Tour

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See Great Art with Context

Van Gogh was remarkable for many reasons but what makes his career as an artist so fascinating is that it was very short, a mere 10 years. His style changed dramatically during that period as we see from his paintings. What was happening inside his head during that period is also well documented in his letters to his brother, Theo. This gives an insight into the emotional turmoil and obsessions that made him a trailblazer of the post-Impressionist period.

  • We start the tour with a summary of his life before he started drawing
  • Then we go gallery by gallery through the 4 main periods of his work.
  • In each gallery we explain what was happening in his life that led his to making the choices he did.
  • We take a close look at many of the paintings and see his developing techniques he experiments with.
  • We show you art that influenced his during these different stages.
  • And sometimes use quotes from his letters and contemoraries to explain the emotions he wanted to convey though his painting