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Droog – Dutch Design

Inside Cafe at Droog

In the early 90s, Droog put Dutch contemporary design on the map. The idea was to go back to the essence of a product, play with it, add a shot of dry (droog) wit, use materials in an unexpected way, connect to history and archetypes. The results are fun and inspiring. Visit the showroom/shop and get a dose of contemporary Dutch design in the historic cloth makers guild building. Hanging in the cafe upstairs is a modern take on the Rembrandt ‘Staalmeisters’ portrait, originally painted to hang in the building.

Droog is changing. Their focus for the coming years, as of 12019, is away from products and more about creating a cultural space with changing exhibitions exploring the role of design in life nowadays. So there is always going to be something intersting to see.

Upstairs is a lovely airy restaurant great for a light lunch. They have a delicious miniplatter option for 18 euros (October 2019) that includes an open sandwitch, bowl of soup and a burata salad with the most creamy mozerella imaginable and and drink of your choice. The cafe is airy and welcoming and a great place to chill and read for a while if you need  a break from exploring. In nice weather you can also sit outside in the courtyard garden.

Open daily 9am to 7pm