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Cafe De Klos – Best ribs & chicken – €€

Ribs at De Klos

Hell yeah. De Klos has 2 things I am addicted to… Smoked chicken and UNSMOKED ribs (in my opinion the smoked ribs are way too salty).

You get half a smoked chicken, warm and a salad & bread for about 18€.

The unsmoked ribs come with salad and bread also. You get 3 slabs of ribs, dry bbq style, not slopped over with goo. They are tender and succulent, you can pull the bones out sometimes and bite into great slabs of meat and fat!!! Also about 18 euros.

They will ask if you want a baked potato – share 1 between 2 people, the portions are huge. I always share the chicken and ribs with whoever I’m eating with.

Address – Kerkstraat 41 to 43 (just off Leidsestraat, between the Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht)

Opening every day from 17h30 to 23h30, booking not possible, just turn up.