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The top 5

Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam


Indonesian food in Amsterdam My aim with this post is not to try and cover all Indonesian restaurants in all areas but to give a cross section from fancy dining to take away that I have tried a few times and think are great. With the restaurants I always try the ‘rice table’. This is…

Top 5 Amsterdam Views

House Reflections in the Canal

Top 5 Amsterdam Views Every canal corner has a top Amsterdam view and there are various church towers that are sometimes open that have great views. But what I’ve done here is chosen places that are always open, and tried to get a balance of street views and panoramic views. I hope you enjoy them…

Top 5 Amsterdam Beer Bars

Brouwerij 't IJ Beers - Top 5 Amsterdam Beer Bars

Top 5 Amsterdam Beer Bars I love beer. IPAs get me through the summer and Autumn Bok Beers get me through the colder months. Amsterdam has a great selection of beer bars and a growing number of microbreweries. This list is really my favourite 5 in the city but really I could make a list…

Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops

The Cannabis College a place to find the top 5 Amsterdam coffeesghopsinfo centre

Amsterdam Coffeeshops  Sure, coffeeshops in Amsterdam serve coffee but their primary function is to sell cannabis, either grass or hash, both loose and in pre-rolled joints. If you’re looking for a shop that sells fancy coffees but not soft drugs then you should rather look for a place advertising itself as a “cafe”. A Bit…