The Cannabis College – for you higher education – is a free advice and information centre about cannabis and all its uses.  There are displays of cannabis products from health supplements to clothing and house and car building materials.  There is a grow room in the basement with plants at different stages of the growing process and for €3 they will show you around and explain it all to you.  They will advise you on how to use the stuff recreationally or medically and, on a practical level, will teach you how to roll joints or show you how to use one of their vapourisers.  The don’t sell cannabis so take your own.

If you ask, they will let you know which coffeeshops are selling the best quality weed or hash at the moment.  Amsterdam has many good coffeeshops but, unfortunately, many bad ones too.  Happily the Cannabis College monitors what is going on and can tell you which are which to go to and which to avoid, handy huh!

Here is the website link in English