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Amsterdam Walking Tour

Quick Details

  • Start point:  At 10h30 on the sidewalk outside the Barbizon Palace Hotel
  • End point: Near the Anne Frank House

Discover Amsterdam on a Walking Tour

Join us on a fun and informative exploration of the old city as we wander the streets pointing out landmarks and discussing the city’s elaborate canal belt.

Other topics include:

  • The history of Amsterdam and how the city was shaped
  • Famous Dutch liberalism, their tolerance and directness, why it arose and just how far it goes
  • The Protestant Reformation and how it suited the pragmatic Dutch culture of the time
  • How the Dutch East India Company influenced modern business
  • The bicycle culture and canals and why so many bicycles are inside the canals
  • The history about the houseboats, crooked, squatted and tiny houses
  • Where to eat amazing food and drink excellent beer
  • Coffeeshops, both good and bad and how that whole thing works
  • Flea markets/farmers markets/street markets – which are worth a visit on which days and which are best to avoid
  • Which museums and attractions are great and which are tourist traps
  • We talk about a whole lot more too, whatever crops up in conversation

If you want to tour Amsterdam like a local, That Dam Guide is here to help. Book a walking tour now!

  • Chevron down Terms & Conditions
  • Refund policy:  If you cancel more than 48 hours before the start of the tour then you will receive a full refund less bank costs if any.  If you cancel within the last 48 hours then you get a refund only if I can re-sell your places.

    Group size is 10 people but if 9 have booked then it can be increased to 11 to allow another couple a place on the tour.

    With the no kids under 10 restriction, the reason is that is a tour with lots of info and history on this tour and sometimes younger kids get bored and need attention and this is not really fair to other people on the tour so I drew a line at 10 years. On private tours, it is easy to focus on the kids more and try to engage them and make it as fun as possible for them. I love kids actually.

    The tours are given by Mark, Lee and Rob and Robbert.  In the vast majority of cases the tour is given by the guide advertised but very occasionally one of us has to fill in for the other so you might get one of the others.