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Amsterdam Walking Tour

Quick Details

  • Start point:  At 10h30 on the sidewalk outside the Barbizon Palace Hotel
  • End point: Near the Anne Frank House

Discover Amsterdam on a Walking Tour

Join us on a fun and informative exploration of the old city as we wander the streets pointing out landmarks and discussing the city’s elaborate canal belt.

Other topics include:

  • The history of Amsterdam and how the city was shaped
  • Famous Dutch liberalism, their tolerance and directness, why it arose and just how far it goes
  • The Protestant Reformation and how it suited the pragmatic Dutch culture of the time
  • How the Dutch East India Company influenced modern business
  • The bicycle culture and canals and why so many bicycles are inside the canals
  • The history about the houseboats, crooked, squatted and tiny houses
  • Where to eat amazing food and drink excellent beer
  • Coffeeshops, both good and bad and how that whole thing works
  • Flea markets/farmers markets/street markets – which are worth a visit on which days and which are best to avoid
  • Which museums and attractions are great and which are tourist traps
  • We talk about a whole lot more too, whatever crops up in conversation

If you want to tour Amsterdam like a local, That Dam Guide is here to help. Book a walking tour now!