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Amsterdam Walking Tour

Quick Details

  • Start point:  At 10h30 on the sidewalk outside the Barbizon Palace Hotel
  • End point: Near the Anne Frank House

The first 2 tickets are sold as a pair, thereafter it is possible to buy individual tickets. The reason for this is that we don’t run the tours with just 1 person booked in.

Please also note: From 1 January 2020 the Amsterdam City Council is levying a tourist tax of €1.50 per person on city tours that the tour guide has to collect and pay to the city. Please can you bring this in cash and pay it to the guide.

Discover Amsterdam on a Walking Tour

Join Mark, Rob or Lee on a fun and informative exploration of old Amsterdam as we guide you through alleys and squares and along beautiful canals. We stop often and the guide points out landmarks, interesting detials and tells stories about the city’s rich history. There is an 8 person limit on our walking tours so discussion and an exchange of views and expereicences really is possible. We actively encourage discussion on our tours.

Topics that we cover include:

  • The history of Amsterdam and how the city was shaped
  • Famous Dutch liberalism, their tolerance and directness, why it arose and just how far it goes
  • The Protestant Reformation and how it suited the pragmatic Dutch culture of the time
  • How the Dutch East India Company influenced modern business
  • The bicycle culture and canals and why so many bicycles are inside the canals
  • The history about the houseboats, crooked, squatted and tiny houses
  • Where to eat amazing food and drink excellent beer
  • Coffeeshops, both good and bad and how that whole thing works
  • Flea markets/farmers markets/street markets – which are worth a visit on which days and which are best to avoid
  • Which museums and attractions are great and which are tourist traps
  • We talk about a whole lot more too, whatever crops up in conversation

If you want to tour Amsterdam like a local, That Dam Guide is here to help and we would love to welcome you on an Amsterdam walking tour!