‘End of the World’ or in Dutch ‘Einde van de Wereld’ is a lovely ‘squat’ restaurant.  It started in a disused workers canteen on the abandoned Java Island, east of Central Station.  The Java Island was developed and the original squatted building was torn down and the developers provided funds for the restaurant to rehouse into a boat on the same island.  As with all these restaurants, it is run by volunteers and serves good, wholesome, inexpensive food.  You go to the counter to order and pay for your your food and drink.  When your food is ready they call out your name and bring it to you.

Bread and delicious garlic and herb butter is on all tables.

They have a vegetarian and a meat main course.

Veggie costs €7 (€4 for a half portion)

Meat costs €8 ( €5 for a half portion)

Dessert costs  €2

You can see the menu each week here at the link below, click ‘Menu deze week’ but it is in Dutch so get Google translate working for you…

Open on Wednesdays and Fridays only

End of the World Website

They start serving at 18h00 and when the food it finished, it’s finished.  You can phone them to reserve food for you if you are running late on 020 419 0222.

To get there, get bus 48 or tram 10 to Azartplein and then walk along the Javakade to the ship called Quo Vadis and pop inside.