Papeneiland means Pope Island, this little corner of Amsterdam was called that because when Amsterdam went Protestant in 1578, this patch stayed predominantly Catholic, albeit discretely so!

Below the buildings in the photo, right on the corner, is a little cafe called… Cafe Papeneiland which is well worth a pop in for a beer or a coffee, it’s an authentic old Amsterdam brown cafe / bar in a building from 1642!  If you should be there on Monday morning or Saturday anytime, the Noordermarkt (Northern Market) is just further on, to the left of the buildings in the photo and also well worth a look in.

I love the photo spot where you get the name of the bridge on the railing Papermolensluis (Paper Windmill Lock) but further to the right, under the tree, you get both sides of the island with the buildings leaning forwards which is so wonderfully Amsterdam!

These photos were taken from the corner of the Brouwersgracht and the Korte Prinsengracht…

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194 Papeneiland Korte Prinsengracht, Amsterdam