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Best sweet snacks in Amsterdam

Best Sweet Snacks in Amsterdam

Winkel – The Best Dutch Apple Pie

Winkel's famout apple pie

On the edge of the Jordaan district, on a beautiful square in front of the Noorderkerk (Northern Church) is a cafe called ‘Winkel 43’ famous for its apple tart, it’s got to be tried! Generous portions, oven warm, coarsely chopped apple, a dollop of whipped cream, bring it on.

If you go on Saturday morning there is an organic farmers market on the square and on Monday morning there is a flea market on the square, the best flea market in Amsterdam!

Don’t be put off by the long line outside on market days, it moves quickly as they have the apple pie cut ready to serve. It’s usually slightly warm as it comes out ofn the oven all day.

I’ve been coming back here for years and they really do make delicious apple pie. This is a perfect place to go at the end of our Amsterdam Walking Tour for lunch, Yes, apple pie can be lunch on holiday!

 Pompadour – Best chocolates & cakes

Cakes at Chocolaterie Pompadour

Pompadour makes unashamedly fancy cakes and chocolates. I cannot imagine cakes being better made. The lemon drizzle and chocolate walnut tart I tried were absolutely and utterly sublime, light, rich, delicate, smooth. It makes me sigh writing this and thinking of those precious moments!  All the chocolates and cakes at Chocolaterie Pompadour are home made with fantastic quality ingredients and a huge portion of skill and care.  The chocolates melt or burst in your mouth unleashing complex, sometimes unusual flavours that put the other chocolate shops in Amsterdam to shame.

Open for every day for tea, coffee and… cake.  Opening times vary so check out their website for more info about them, their ingredients and method.

Van Stapele – Best chocolate cookie

Van Stapele chocolate cookies

Vera Van Stapele has created the world’s tastiest chocolate cookie! She tasted an excellent one in London and then tried to recreate and improve it. After five months of experimenting and countless batches of cookies, she did it!

She quit her job and set up a shop selling the amazing cookie and coffee and loose tea.  The cookies are baked throughout the day so chances are you will be able to taste one warm from the oven. The dark chocolate dough hides a chunk of white chocolate so bite through the slightly firm outer cookie and find the soft melted white chocolate filling. Pure bliss for chocolate cookie lovers!

I wrote the above post in 2014, now it is October 2019, and Van Stapele is still going as stong as ever. It’s actually grown, vertically! Vera has now got more ovens working upstairs and dscent down into the shop by dumb waiter. They bake 3000 a day and close when they are sold.

The cookies are the same as before, always delicious. The snag now is that this place has become so popular that there is a often a line of people waiting outside, right to  the coorner and then across the street too. I hate waiting in lines so I suggest getting there early and enjoying a cookie as a mid-morning snack.

Open 10h00 to 18h30 7 days a week.

Latei – Quirky retro tea room

Inside Cafe Latei

This is one of the cutest Tea Rooms in existence I think and the perfect place for a cuppa and newspaper or book.  It is a small quirky place filled with retro furniture and objects, loads of which are also for sale so it really a combination of a second-hand shop and tea room.  The prices are normal and the cakes yummy.  My jasmine tea and apple tart with whipped cream hit the spot. The cat is friendly up to a point, don’t push it.


You can find Latei at Zeedijk 143.  That’s China Town area, near the Niewmarkt end of the Zeedijk.