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Amsterdam Markets

Mushrooms at Nieuwmarkt

Amsterdam Markets


Only on Sundays Markets

The Sunday markets in Amsterdam tend to be quite good. They are more than flea markets and include a lot of crafts too as well as items produced by local designers.

Westergasfabriek on the 1st Sunday of the Month

This is an extensive market with plenty of art, design, crafts & lot of food –

Museum Squaree on the 3rd Sunday of the Month

This market is between the Rijksmuseum and the Vn Gogh Museum and, not surprisingly, given its location, focuses on art & design –


Only on Saturdays Markets

Noordermarkt on Saturday

This weekly Saturday market is perfect to visit after our Saturday small group walking tour. The Northern Market or, in Dutch, de Noordermarkt. This is actually 3 markets in one. There is an organic Farmers Market with a Flea Market adjoining it as well as a Street Market just around the corner on the Lindengracht. So you really get the best of all types of a market in one place.  It is open all day and right next door to the best apple pie shop in town, ‘Winkel‘.

The Farmers Market has lots of free nibbles if you are feeling peckish. There is a tempting bread stall where they bake the bread onsite in a large bakery/trailer.  Stock up on a vast selection of mushrooms, as well as cheeses, oysters, sausage, nuts and honey.

The Flea Market is a a cut above the norm, it’s not a rummage style flea market. It’s slightly more upmarket with a good selection of books, clothes (both new and second hand), and brick-a-brack. I buy my bright and colouful peaked caps I use when tourguiding from a lady from Mozambique who has a great selection of bags, hats and shirts made from patterned Afican cloth.

The Street Market is groaning with cheaper eats than the Farmers Market as well as clothes, household goods, veg, fish, meat etc. I think that this is the nicest street market in town, it’s more compact than the Albert Cuijp and the quality of good on offer is better.

The Noordermarkt is in the Jordaan district in front of the Northern Church (Noorderkerk) and right on the Prinsengracht, on its eastern edge. The Lindengracht Street Market also touches the Prinsengracht just to the north of the Flea Market, but they are a block away from each other so you have to find it, they don’t join each other.

Nieuwmarkt on Saturday

There is a Saurday organic farmers marketfrom 9am to 5pm on the Nieuwmarkt. This is a ‘square’ on the eastern edge of the old town where you will find the majestic medieval city gate, now known as de Waag.

We pass through this market on the Saturday morning Amsterdam Walking Tour, our small group 3 hour general overview tour. One great opportunity is to buy a freshly pressed stroopwafel from a little caravan where the guy makes them freshly all thoughout the day. These are a million miles better than the ones in packets. They still have a nice crisp and are warm inside. One is enough for 2 people to share and costs 2 euros.

There are other warm snack s from other stalls, samosas, bhajis and excellet fries too. Of course, lots of fresh organic produce, veggies, cheese, bread, crepes, juices.  THE MUSHROOMS, and I don’t mean the magic variety, are amazing, check out the photo below. I’e never seen such a wide offering. I often pass by and stock up on a bag of mixed mushrooms and cook them with butter & cream as a sphagetti sauce, if you are staying in a B&B and cook, its a great dinner.

Only on Mondays market

Noordermarkt on Monday

This is a wonderful flea market, the only bad thing about it is that it is only open on Mondays, 09h00 to 13h00 but I guess that makes it all the more special.

The flea market can be found on the square in front of the Noorderkerk (Northern Church) which is on the edge of the Jordan on the Prinsengracht side.

There is a huge range of stuff for sale here: delicious fresh soup and fruit juices, new & used clothes, books, antiques, brick-a-brack and much more!

Try and find Manon’s stand, this is on the Prinsengracht side, the second stand along if you start at the Northern tip of the market. It’s full rings and also of handmade clothes which include the clothing label ‘Olifun’, made by Robbie, one of Amsterdam’s interesting characters! These are recycled like old clothes cut into pieces and mixed up and creatively put together again with quirky and unique results.

On the edge of the market is a shop called ‘Winkel 43’ famous for its apple tart, it’s got to be tried. Generous portions, oven warm, coarsely chopped apple, a dollop of whipped cream, bring it on!

Monday to Saturday Daily Markets


Waterlooplein is the traditional daily central flea market of Amsterdam. It’s been around for over 100 years and has a variety of new and second-hand clothes, books, brick-a-brack, bikes, even porn, well this is Amsterdam after all.  You can get cheesy souvenirs here for less than in the souvenir shops. It varies greatly from day to day and some days can be quite disappointing and pon otehr it is a treasure trove of bric-a-brak.

It’s open Monday to Saturday about 10:30am to 5pm

Albert Cuijp

Albert Cuijp street market has lots of Dutch food options like poffertjes, freshly pressed stroopwafels, pcikled herring, surinamese bread rolls and more. There are lots of cheap things that you pprobably wouldn’t want to by for you house or to wear, buut iin recent years the quality of the wares on offer has improved. So while I’ve not been ttoo sure about this market in the past I do think it is worth a visit now, particularly if you are in de Pijp neighbourhood.


The Dappermarkt is a street market in Amsterdam East and is a smaller version of the Albert Cuijp, a real neighbourhood market. I’ve written about it on this blog here if you want more info –