The Northern Market or, in Dutch, De Noordermarkt.  This is actually 3 markets in one.  There is an Oranic Farmers’ Market with a Flea Market adjoining it as well as a Street Market just around the corner on the Lindengracht.  So you really get the best of all types of market!  It is open all day and right next door to the best apple tart shop in town, ‘Winkel’ (see eating).

The Ornanic Farmers Market has lots of free nibbles if you are feeling peckish (and broke) There is a tempting bread stall where they bake the bread onsite in a large bakery / trailor.  The Flea Market is a goodie with books, clothes and brik -a-brak and the Street Market is groaning with cheaper eats than the Organic Market.  There are Pata Negra breadrolls for 2.50, delicious pies for 4.00 and much more…  Cheap clothes, household goods, non-organic and therefore cheaper veg, fish, meat etc.

The Noordermarkt is in the Jordaan district in front of the Northern Church (Noorderkerk) and right on the Prinsengracht, on its eastern edge. The Lindengracht Street Market also touches the Prinsengracht just to the north of the Flea Market. GO!


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