Please phone the restaurant to check if they are open before you go there as many squat restaurants close for a month in the summer.

Zaal 100 is a squatted premises that is a podium for all sorts of alternative arts and of course, they have a volunteer run restaurant 4 days a week bringing quality affordable food to the community.

Enter the building and there is a bar on your right hand side (bottles of Alfa Beer €1, Shots of whisky €2.50).  Past the bar is the restaurant area, say hi to the people at the counter and they will explain how it all works.  They are friendly and welcome new faces.  As with all these squat restaurants, you help as much as possible, taking plates back to the serving area and empty bottles back to the bar.

The cost of the food is… €1 Starter (usually soup), €6 Main Course, €1 Dessert.  It doesn’t get better value than that!

They start serving at 18h00 and you should phone first to reserve food as when the food is finished, it is finished.  Call them on 020 6880127 to book.

Mondays – Singer – songwriter restaurant – vegetarian

Wednesdays – vegan

Thursdays – vegetarian organic

Fridays – vegetarian

Zaal 100 website link