Become an artwork of a Dutch Master.  This place is great, it’s a tiny little shop / studio attached to the back of the New Church on Dam Square.  They recreate a Dutch Master painting with you as one of the characters, dressed in costume.  Us Four Dam Guides dropped by and were transformed: me into the Prince of Orange, Lealu into Vermeer’s milkmaid, Rob became Hals’s Happy Drinker and Benjamin… Rembrandt.

Opening times vary and you can see a list on their website as well as contact phone numbers but basically they are open from 11am to 5pm but open later on Sundays at 1pm and close earlier on Wednesdays, at 2:30pm.


1 photo, 1 person, 1 print           13.50

1 photo, 2 people, 2 prints        20.00

1 photo, 3 to 5 people, 2 prints 30.00

Extra print or copy by email        5.00

They have joined our discount scheme so, if you come on one of our tours, get our card, and then show it at museumfoto, you get a 20% discount.  Cool huh!

Below is where to find them…

The little area behind the New Church is also stuffed full of otehr great places too.  De Drie Graafjes is great for a quick cheap lunch as wel as Sie Joe for a quick plate of Indonesian food, Cote Ouest is a lovely mid-range price French restaurant, De Drie Flesches is a old proeflocaal, a tasting bar where you can sample Dutch liqours, in Graventraat is the cosy litte Cafe Belgique specialising in Belgian beers, Baraka is a perfectly decent coffeeshop and there is the smart shot attched to the back of the church selling magic truffles for the insane.  There’s almost no reason to leave that picute postard perfect little pocket of Amsterdam!

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