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The Frozen Fountain – Dutch Design

Design store in Amsterdam

For lovers of contemporary design, The Frozen Fountain is an inspiring space filled with furniture and objects from the weird to the wonderful and much in between. There are various rooms that are laid out with large innovative pieces. This furntiure is, unfortunately, never going to grace my appartment as it is way too expensive, but it is fabulous to look and see and be inspired. I usually think, when walking through, ‘I could probably make that or something similar’ but never ever get around to it.

Piet Hein Eek is always well represented in the shop. He’s famous for many things, and one of his designs that youn see all over town, in cafes are his tables made from old wood in various colours finished with a high gloss clear epoxy resin. The first picture below is of one of his large dining tables.

There are smaller objects on offer too, that won’t break the bank account, glass, ceramic, watches, accessories, so it’s possible to buy something that you can tuck into your luggage as a reminder of Amsterdam.

If you can’t make it to their shop, the website is a great place to get lost in. There are carpets, books, textiles, furniture, lighting, accessories, one off commisions.