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A History of the World’s Most Liberal City – Russell Shorto

Amsterdam Book by Russell Shorto

This is my favorite read about Amsterdam. Mr. Shorto writes narrative history, so picks out lives of people and uses them to illustrate and enrich the historical tale. I cannot recommend reading this book enough, preferably before you visit. It will enhance your stay here and probably get you coming back for more.

I cheekily invited Mr. Shorto on a tour of mine that I based on his book and he was kind enough to write the following about it:

“Mark Law is hands-down the best tour guide of Amsterdam. And I don’t say that just because he uses my book. Honestly! He invited me to join a tour based on my book and, lo and behold, I learned a lot from it. He wove together my research and his own nook-and-cranny knowledge of Amsterdam. The result is lively, funny, and deeply historical.

You can buy Amsterdam, A  History of the World’s Most Liberal City everywhere, however if you want to buy it online, why not do it via the link from Mr Shorto’s website…