Noordermarkt – Best Saturday Market

Flowers at Noordermarkt

The Northern Market or, in Dutch, De Noordermarkt. This is actually 3 markets in one. There is a Farmers Market with a Flea Market adjoining it as well as a Street Market just around the corner on the Lindengracht. So you really get the best of all types of a market!  It is open all…

The Epic Story of the Dutch Tulip

Some Reading For The Flight, The Dutch Tulip… I wrote the following article for people who’re coming to Holland to see the tulips. The idea being that you have a long flight and some hours to kill, and I thought I might keep you occupied with a relatively long read about the history of tulips…

London – Bowl of Chalk

Bowl of London Logo

At last, I’ve found a London tour that I can confidently recommend! I went on 2 thoroughly enjoyable tours, both given by Jonnie who owns a tour company called Bowl of Chalk (Cockney rhyming slang for ‘walk’). Because London is so big, Jonnie has 3 different 3-hour weekend walks that break it into smaller pieces….

Bratislava – Authentic Slovakia

Authentic Bratislava Logo

Go behind the scenes in Bratislava from the relative comfort of a vintage Skoda seat! We didn’t go in the Skoda as it was too cold so we went in their 1992 VW van instead which still had a pleasingly retro feel to it but was, apparently, and I’m happy to take Brano’s word for…

Nieuwmarkt – Saturday Farmers Market

Food Stall Nieuwmarkt Market

Fresh organic produce, veggies, cheese, bread, crepes, juices. What a wonderful spread, every Saturday from 9 to 5 on the very central and lovely Nieuwmarkt Square. THE MUSHROOMS, and I don’t mean the magic variety, are amazing, check out the photo below.  

This is the central location of the market:  

Prague – The Naked Tour Guide

Prague Skyline

Marcus has a relaxed way of making complicated history understandable, a quick laugh, and a wry sense of humor just below the surface that pokes regularly through. Lee and I went on all 3 tours, the early morning from 8am to 10am, the general historical tour fro 11am to 2pm as well as the evening…

Tomaz – Traditional Dutch Food – €€

Food at Tomaz

Wholesome Traditional Dutch Food – bring on the Stamppot! Tomaz serves good old fashioned Dutch food like Stamppot but jazzed up a bit resulting in a rich mix of flavors, including modern twists like added sun dried tomatoes which I loved. We were both more than happy with the Hachee though, which is a rich Dutch…

Istanbul – My Local Guide Istanbul

My Local Guide Istanbul Logo Lee and I went on 3 tours in Istanbul: The Secrets of Istanbul and Istanbul Heritage, with Yunus. Both were excellent, he has such a broad knowledge of the city and its history and was very open to changing the content and…

Singel 404 – Lunch Cafe – €

Outside Singel 404

The sandwiches here are legendary for their tastiness and size.  Singel 404 has been around for about 20 years and is cozy and unpretentious and a great place for a quick, filling tasty lunch. They have a small mezzanine level and a couple of cute little tables outside in the summer.  It is located at…