Food at Greenwoods

Greenwoods has been creating happy customers with their all-day breakfast for years now. Above is the always amazing Eggs Royal as well as ‘The Beast’ which is spinach, pulled pork, perfectly poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce miracle and on the specials board that day.  Both were delicious. They have full English breakfasts, lunch offerings like…

Bakers & Roasters

Food at Bakers & Roasters

Bakers & Roasters are great for breakfast/brunch. Their menu is extensive and service cheerful. Check out the link below to their menu to get just how interesting the offerings are. There’s a lot of Brazilian as well as Kiwi influence, as the place was started by 2 guys from those countries who missed their home…

Noordermarkt – Best Saturday Market

Flowers at Noordermarkt

The Northern Market or, in Dutch, De Noordermarkt. This is actually 3 markets in one. There is a Farmers Market with a Flea Market adjoining it as well as a Street Market just around the corner on the Lindengracht. So you really get the best of all types of a market!  It is open all…

Amsterdam – Hungry Birds – Street Food Tours

A full 4-hour food adventure in small groups of between 2 and 8 people. Hungry Birds invited me on their Daytime Experience’ and I loved it.  I was curious to see how they would make a whole tour out of Dutch street food, which, let’s face it, people can be quite dismissive about. The food…

The Epic Story of the Dutch Tulip

Some Reading For The Flight, The Dutch Tulip… I wrote the following article for people who’re coming to Holland to see the tulips. The idea being that you have a long flight and some hours to kill, and I thought I might keep you occupied with a relatively long read about the history of tulips…

London – Bowl of Chalk

Bowl of London Logo

At last, I’ve found a London tour that I can confidently recommend! I went on 2 thoroughly enjoyable tours, both given by Jonnie who owns a tour company called Bowl of Chalk (Cockney rhyming slang for ‘walk’). Because London is so big, Jonnie has 3 different 3-hour weekend walks that break it into smaller pieces….

Bratislava – Authentic Slovakia

Authentic Bratislava Logo

Go behind the scenes in Bratislava from the relative comfort of a vintage Skoda seat! We didn’t go in the Skoda as it was too cold so we went in their 1992 VW van instead which still had a pleasingly retro feel to it but was, apparently, and I’m happy to take Brano’s word for…

Nieuwmarkt – Saturday Farmers Market

Food Stall Nieuwmarkt Market

Fresh organic produce, veggies, cheese, bread, crepes, juices. What a wonderful spread, every Saturday from 9 to 5 on the very central and lovely Nieuwmarkt Square. THE MUSHROOMS, and I don’t mean the magic variety, are amazing, check out the photo below.   Vegetables at Nieuwmarkt

Prague – The Naked Tour Guide

Prague Skyline

Marcus has a relaxed way of making complicated history understandable, a quick laugh, and a wry sense of humor just below the surface that pokes regularly through. Lee and I went on all 3 tours, the early morning from 8am to 10am, the general historical tour fro 11am to 2pm as well as the evening…

Tomaz – Traditional Dutch Food – €€

Food at Tomaz

Wholesome Traditional Dutch Food – bring on the Stamppot! Tomaz serves good old fashioned Dutch food like Stamppot but jazzed up a bit resulting in a rich mix of flavors, including modern twists like added sun dried tomatoes which I loved. We were both more than happy with the Hachee though, which is a rich Dutch…