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Devour a Slice of Holland with That Dam Guide

Cheese slicers in a flower pot

Devour a Slice of Holland with That Dam Guide

Fancy a slice of history, a slice of art, a slice of countryside, a virtual slice, well that’s what we do!

That Dam Guide has a new mascot, the Slicey!  Here’s Slicey with Lee, Slicey with Pixie & Slicey with Mark!

Cheese slicers seem so Dutch, what with cheese being such a big thing here. They also fit in well with the Dutch cliché of ‘zuinigheid’, a word that descibes being ‘economical’. Often this is tinged with a hint of miserliness but that’s not really fair. It harks back to times that were not as abundant as now when there was a real need to reserve / conserve / be economical with what you had. Even nowadays, when you go for coffee at a Dutch person’s house it is normal, expected actually, to have a cookie provided with your cup of coffee. But it’s ONE cookie, not two. Seconds are frowned upon. That is Dutch zuinigheid.

You couldn’t be more economical with cheese than use a slicer to cut the thinest of slivers so it seems completely Dutch right? The funny thing is that the cheese slicer was invented by a Norwegian, Thor Bjørklund, but this was because he was struggling to slice Gouda cheese, so there you go, a Dutch connection right from the start.

Here at That Dam Guide, you can have as many slices as you like! We have single slice tours with a specific theme: tolerance, architecture, art, WWII, the Dutch Reistance, specific neighbourhoods, but we have other multi-slice tours where you get a sliver of everything!

Mark and Lee are taking their Sliceys out and about so look out for them on Instagram and Facebook.

Our Sliceys like to travel so if you want one to take along and tag #thatdamguide in your favourite places, just let us know…