Amsterdam Virtual Tours

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Person Ages 10+

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Join me, Mark, on a live-streamed walk through Amsterdam. It’s virtual for you but real for me. I broadcast live using Zoom and show you around the old town telling stories along the way. You see what I see and every now and then I pop in front of the camera too. I will include screen shares of maps and interior details of things I am talking about. We chat and I take questions and can alter the content and route to what you will enjoy the most. I stop whenever you like so you can take photos by taking screenshots.

I’m offering these as Private Tours initially. That means that if you buy the tour we can add your own friends to the zoom meeting. I don’t mind how many people but up to 10 computer link-ups works fine. The price stays the same regardless of how many of your friends you invite to join.

The start time on the booking calendar is listed as 3pm but this can be changed depending on where you are in the world. So once you have decided on the date you want to book a tour, I can change the start time to a time that works for both of us. I can do this before or after you book the tour.

We can also schedule a Zoom meeting a couple of days before the tour to check that the technology works and so that I can get an idea about what you are interested in and plan a route that you will like.