Enough culture, need a bit of a break from art and history, what about a bit of science!  Going to this place is guaranteed to get everyone cleaning around the house more.  Micropia is the story of microbes, particularly the 100 thousand billion microbes, all 1.5kg of them that live on and in us!  Roll  up and learn all about bacteria, viruses, what you swap when you kiss, shake hands, what lives on your tooth brush all the way through to digestion-saving-poop-traqnsplants!   Do give this place enough time, Like 2 or 3 hours.  Someone on one of my tours underestimated the time he needed and they kindly let him return later that day so if you find yourself in that situation ask them if you can return later.

Micropia is just on the edge of Amsterdam Zoo and a stone’s throw from the Resistence Museum so maybe couple one of those with it.

Their website is interesting to explore and is HERE.  To get there catch tram 9 or 14 and get of at the zoo…

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