Ten excellent locally brewed beers –

The beers here are historic and all need to be tried although perhaps not in one sitting.  There is an autumn beer available until the end of November called Ijbok, very full and tasty!

They have brewery tours on Fr, Sat and Sun at 15h30 and 16h00, €4.50 incl 1 beer.  Go!

Open every day from 14h00 to 20h00.

Getting there… It’s a bit out of the centre, too far to walk but get tram 10 (destination Azart Plein) which circles the city and hop off at the windmill.  you can also get bus 22(destination Indische Buurt) from Central Station, also get off at the windmill.  Ask the conductor or driver on the bus or tram to tell you where to get off if you are not sure.

A taxi ride from just about anywhere in the centre should only be about €10 but do ask how much when you get in the cab.

It closes early but it is a ‘tasting room’, and not a bar.  The beer is also quite strong ad known to make people a little rowdy and sometimes downright difficult.  As such the place is happy to close early and let any drunken problems move elsewhere!