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During this 3 hour tour we’ll make our way through Amsterdam’s old centre and its elegant canal belt. You will learn about the remarkable characters and stories that have made it into the iconic city that it is. We’ll stop en route for a coffee (not included) and set you on your way with some wonderful insider tips.

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Amsterdam Walking Tour - The Basics

Tour: Amsterdam Walking Tour

Cost: €27.50 per person

Start time: 10h30 on most days (occasionally we list at other times by special request)

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English first language level

Distance: about 2 miles / 3 kilometres

No kids under 10 please (they are welcome on private tours)

Start Point: On the sidewalk outside the Barbizon Palace Hotel (see map below)

End Point: Near the Anne Frank House

Maximum people on the tour: 10

Why take this tour

Firstly, our small group Amsterdam Walking Tour is the best way to explore and learn about our lovely old town because we limit our groups to 10 people max. As a result we can move around easily, talk to and hear each other, discuss things all the while being respectful of our surroundings. The tour takes 3 hours, this includes a break where we continue to chat about Amsterdam. The distance covered is 2 miles / 3 kilometres. The pace is easy, we walk, then stop and talk, then do it over again and whilst the routes that we walk vary depending on the day but we cover the major sights in the city

Here is a brief outline of what will talk about:
  • The history of Amsterdam and water as friend and foe and how Amsterdam it shaped Amsterdam.
  • How the Dutch East India Company influenced modern business.
  • Famous Dutch liberalism, tolerance and directness, why it arose and just how far it goes.
  • The Protestant Reformation and how it suited the pragmatic Dutch culture of the time.
  • Why all the bicycles and canals, why all the bicycles IN the canals!
  • Why all the houseboats, crooked houses, squatted houses and tiny houses.
  • Where to eat good food and drink excellent beer
  • Coffeeshops, both good and bad and how that whole thing works.
  • Flea markets / farmers markets / street markets and are good on which days and which best avoided.
  • Which museums and attractions are great and which are tourist traps,
  • We talk about a whole lot more too, whatever crops up in conversation.
Our wonderful maps

We have our own printed maps that we give you during the coffee break with info about our favourite restaurants, bars, fries, apple pie etc and we can mark whatever more info you need on the map when we give them to you.

If you have any particular place you want to see then please let the guide know at the start of the tour. We are flexible with our routes and what info we include. We are all passionate about Amsterdam and  cover the basics in every tour but we can also go into depth on any subject in the tour, just let us know what you are interested in.

A quick word about ‘free tours’

A quick word about the so-called ‘free tours’ that are offered all over Amsterdam, they are not free. They will hit you for a tip and suggest 15 or 20 euros yet you will be in a group of 25, often more. The guide pays the ‘free tour company’ a fee per person and as a result has to sell you stuff to make commissions. With some of these companies, if the guides don’t sell, they don’t get given tours.

We don’t do that. You pay a reasonable fee up front and the group is small, 10 people max. Also, we don’t sell stuff, when we recommend places they are honest recommendations and if there is a possible commission for the guide, we pass it on to you as a discount.

The small print

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Refund policy:  If you cancel more than 48 hours before the start of the tour then you will receive a full refund less bank costs, if any.  If you cancel within the last 48 hours then you get a refund only if I can re-sell your  places.

Group size is 10 people but if 9 have booked then it can be increased to 11 to allow another couple a place on the tour.

With the no kids under 10 restriction, the reason is that is a tour with lots of info and history on this tour and sometimes younger kids get bored and need attention and this is not really fair to other people on the tour so I drew a line at 10 years. On private tours it is easyy to focus on the kids more and try to engage them and make it as fun as possible for them. I love kids actually.

The tours are given by Mark, Lee and Rob and Robbert.  In the vast majority of cases the tour is given by the guide advertised but very occasionally one of us has to fill in for the other so you might get one of the others.

Booking Instructions

Amsterdam Walking Tour

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Please double check that you have selected the correct day, it does happen that people pick the wrong date block. You are prompted to check during the booking process, please do this carefully.

You will receive 2 emails, one saying that payment has been received, and another one with a photo of the start point and the guide and the guide’s phone number. If you don’t receive these, first check your spam and then, after waiting at least 10 minutes, contact me:

You can also phone me but I can’t always pick up so email is generally better.

Please double check in the email that you have booked the right date and time.

Amsterdam Walking Tour – City

Amsterdam Walking Tour – City

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