Hi, That Dam Guide was started by me, Mark, in December 2013. Amsterdam is so inspiring to me that I decided to become a tour guide. I started as a guide with a big ‘free tour’ company but wanted to give a better quality and more personal service, so broke away and started That Dam Guide.

It has worked well, small groups of up to 10 people make for much more personal tours where we can chat to each other, better for you and for me. By autumn 2015 I was run off my feet giving tours so, cautiously, I expanded. Now I work with some other excellent, experienced guides who I know well and trust with my business / baby.

Lee and Rob have both worked as guides for years, also for big companies. They now provide small group tours via That Dam Guide which they love giving for the same reasons I do.  Rory and I decided in early 2016 to research and offer a small group countryside driving tour. We spent months driving around and discovering off the beaten track routes. Now we offer country countryside tours enjoying driving jaunts through the lovely Dutch lanes.

In 2017 we had our first season of tulip tours to the phonomenal Keuenhof Gardens which, even though we go there multiple times a week are always wonderful to see.

Here is a bit about us all:

Mark, owner of That Dam Guide


I grew up in South Africa and came to Amsterdam in 1991. Amsterdam was amazing then too and I loved it so much I stayed 4 years. Next was a stint in England where I studied Law, worked in property development. I chucked it all in 2009 and came back to Amsterdam and became a tour guide. I’ve always loved the city and the sense of community in the neighbourhoods here. Sinking roots here is the smartest thing I’ve done! Guiding has been such fun, doing what I love best, showing visitors around beautiful Amsterdam and constantly ferreting out new places to go and things to do.

Lee, guide at That Dam Guide


Hi, I’m Lee! I’m Dutch but grew up in Toronto, Canada. Until age 22, I was immersed in the ballet world, before reluctantly discovering there was a whole universe outside the studio. After travelling extensively to study, teach, and explore other careers, I eventually found my way back to Amsterdam, where I have been giving tours since 2009. My work allows me to share my passion for my favourite city, while getting enough exercise to eat as much apple pie as I like!

Rob guide at That Dam Guide


I’m from New Jersey but have lived in the Netherlands for 13 years. I love the good quality of life here and really strong sense of community, people are connected. What is best about being a tour guide is meeting people from different countries and walks of life and sharing Amsterdam with them. Oh and getting on my bike is instant happiness!

Rory, guide at That Dam Guide


I am Irish and worked in the film business in Los Angeles for a number of years. A few years ago I met a Dutch lady and she had me imported to Amsterdam. Both storytelling and performing improv comedy are loves of mine, and these two passions made it easy for me to decide not to get a “real job” and instead become a tour guide. I try hard on each tour not to eat the apple pie.