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Open 11am to 9pm

Venkel (means Fennell) serves organic salads, warm and cold in a beautiful, calm, chic but laid back shop.

They have 6 suggested salads, imaginative combinations like..

Freshly grilled chicken on a bed of shredded red and white cabbage with raisins, cashews, apple and pear chopped in and a parsley & light curry yoghurt mayonnaise dressing.

Fresh grilled salmon, sampire, roasted yellow and red beetroot, Amsterdam pickled onions, red quinoa & winter purslane with a horseradish dressing.

Both were WOW.  You can also design your own salads if you are feeling creative.

All their ingredients are organic and grown in and around Amsterdam.  They have lactose free and gluten free options and a ‘go-large’ option (pictured) on the menu for 2 extra euros.  The normal sized salads go for between €7.50 and €10.50.

The shop is so comfortable and welcoming I could have happily settled there for a couple of hours!

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