I am not ashamed to say that I am addictd to Tokoman bread rolls or, “Broodje’s” as they call them here.  Particularly the Surinamese style beef and the Broodje Pom.  Both are delicious, the beef tender and tasty.  The Pom is something really special, a traditional Surinamese oven dish with dark meat chicken, the root of the tayer plant and citrus, generally orange juice, baked and in this case, put in a breadroll.  They will ask of you want ‘peper en zuur’, chili and sour.  If you don’t mind a bit of spicyness, just say yes.  These bread rolls are extremely popular with Amsterdammers for lunch so try and be there earlier rather than later otherwise they will be finished.  At €3.50 for an overstuffed lovely, slightly crispy breadroll, you just can’t go wrong!

Also of great value is the ‘wokbox’.  They fill it with your choice of 3 things: rice or noodles, veggie dish, meat dish.  That makes up a decent sized, filling meal for €6.50!  I’ve tried the Surinamese beef (super-tender), pork and duck and all were excellent.

You can find it on the Zeedijk near the Nieuwmarkt and also near the Waterlooplein flea market, see map below.  You can take away or eat it there.