Thai tiger is in Amsterdam east on the Javaplein.  If you  like hot and spicy this place is great!  The Tom Yum Koeng was very good, the other starter, the Tiger mix was very ordinary.  It was recommended by the waiter but the fish cakes were just blobs of dough, the chicken satay, right out of a cheap box and the pastry wrapped prawn was okay but I would never order it again.  Things looked up with the mains though.  The duck lab was really spicy which was perfect for me with the rice powder aroma coming through strongly.  Duck lab is not actually on the menu, they have chicken or beef on the menu and it happened here like many other Thai restaurants that the duck is not minced precooking, the way lab should be.  Turns out that the duck is bought in precooked so they dice it and then add it to the lab recipe, not ideal but actually tasted great and I would deffo order it again here.  If you prefer lab the proper way then perhaps stick with the chicken or beef.  The Keemao Taley was a real treat: tiger prawns, tender squid and really large, plump, fleshy mussels in a delicious thick soy sauce with sweet basil, also very spicy.

Kitchen open daily from 17h00 to 22h30

tel – 020 2210 858

Check out the menu here

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