Noorderlicht (Northern Light) is a quirky destination for a drink, lunch or dinner that is well off the beaten track.  It is a cafe in an old vegetable growing greenhouse and is tucked away in one of the few remaining alternative corners of Amsterdam and you need to take a ferry to get there!  There is a small tasty menu that includes meat, veggie and vegan options.  The terrace, dotted with unusual sculptures has great views over the Ij towards Central Station.  The ferry is free and you can takes bikes on it if you have one but bikes are not necessary to get to Noordelicht as the walk the other side is only about 10 minutes.

To get there, go to behind Cetral Station and take the ferry on the left hand side when facing towards the water.  It’s destination is ‘NDSM’.  It goes every 30 minutes and it takes about 15 minutes to get the the NDSM wharf.  You pass some of Amsterdam’s intersting modern architecture, the EYE Film Museum, The Western Dock Island development and the building that is meant to look like a container ship.  The NDSM wharf if home to the Botel, an old submarine, the Greenpeace ship and the Pancake Boat!

Leave the ferry and go straight ahead and once you see the student sea container housing on your left hand side, then take the road to the right which leads past some decaying old wharehouses which are home to a host of small creative businesses.  Pop in and explore if the doors are open.  Once you pass a dilapidated bunker looking building on your right hand side, you should get views towardes Central Station and see ‘Noorderlicht’.

If you are feeling adventurous then don’t get the same ferry back to Central Station, but get the one to Tasmanstraat which is to the west of Central Station and find your way back to the centre.  That is probably better with bikes.