I chose this place on the basis that it was reasonably priced and only had a few lousy Tripadvisor reviews and many excellent ones, it seems to be impossible to find an Indonesian restaurant that is consistently well reviewed.  Kartika has many things going for it.  I was able to book a table the day before as long as I didn’t mind eating early (at 17h30 and was given a 2 hour slot which was fine).  There was plenty of space, unlike many other Indonesian restaurants that are cramped.  The waitresses were charming and helpful.  I went for the big ricetable called the Mahabarata at €27.50 per person (minimum of 2 people) and was very happy with it.  There were 13 different dishes and most were delicious and all were tasty!  The stewed meats were extremely tender and delicious.  The weakest point for me were the beef and lamb sate sticks, they were slightly on the chewy side but the flavour was still good.    The meal was very lightly  spiced but you an add as much chilli sambal as you like!  The sate sauce that came with the crackers at the beginning was fantastic – ask for more!

Tel – +31 (0)20 618 1879