Wow, a coffee salon (remember a coffeeshop is something completely different in Amsterdam) that roasts their own coffee on the premises.  I sampled a cup of their homeroast named, Mokum (the old Jewish nickname for Amsterdam).  It was smooth and delicious.  I usually have a teeny bit of sugar in my coffee (sorry I know that is a terrible thing to admit to) but it was completely unnecessary with the Mokum coffee which didn’t need it at all, it just slid down perfectly as it was.  Their cakes are super too, I tried the lemon zest and rosemary last time I was there and will be munching on the spelt and chocolate next time.

The vibe is friendly and relaxed, music just right, soothing but not demanding.  There is a varied assortment of seating from stools and ledges making good laptop workstations to chairs & tables and a couple of sofas tucked away in the back of the shop to just disappear into and read a book  and have a break from the bustle of the city.

I learnt about this place on a couple of local Amsterdammers’ blogs and it doesn’t get more local than this.  It’s just out of the centre, at the western end of the Haarlemmerdijk at number 182.  The Haarlemmerstraat and the Haarlemmerdijk are both lovely streets to wander down, and check out interesting shops so Joy for Two is a great end destination for an awesome coffee and then a meander through the Jordaan District.

Two for Joy’s website