Hannekes Boom has been a trendy, slightly off beat, unpretentious local hangout for years now.  It is central but tucked away.  I  summer it heaves and is choc-a-block full day and night.  Now, it’s a bit quieter in the afternoons and a great place to hang out and watch to boats go by and see the very elegant foot and cycle bridge open and close on a pivot to let larger barges through.  I eventually tried out the lunch menu and was a bit disappointed.  It’s not much of a lunch really, I had a panini bread roll with bacon, goats cheese and walnuts with a small pile of leaves next to it.  They were a bit skimpy with the filling for six euros.  I think they could have tried just a bit harder.  It tasted ok though.  I haven’t tried dinner there yet but will do as I have heard good things about dinner there.  Food aside, it is a great place to hang out afternoon or evening and watch the world go by and experience that famous Amsterdam “gezelligheid’.  They have my favourite beer, Triple Karmeliet in bottles, it is smooth and creamy, slightly lemony and surprisingly high in alcohol so it is like having 2 for the price of one!  Check out the cosy seating around the huge wood burning heater!

Across from the entrance to Hannekes Boom is a motorway underpass, 2 tunnels just past a building that says ‘Klimmuur’ (climbing wall).  Walk into the tunnel and stop half way and listen.  There is a really cool sound installation there made by DJ Mo Becha in 2005.  There are 48 hidden speakers that all make slightly different sounds creating a subtle but enchanting effect, at the end of a night of drinking it becomes quite magical and entrancing!

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202 Hannekes Boom Drink Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Great Dutch cafe / bar v popular with locals