I’ve been going to de Belg for about 20 years now and have always sworn they were the best in town but really I have found that Vleminckx is actually better but I still eat fries from de Belg if I am at the Rembrandplein.  Sometimes at de Belg they hurry the fries out of the fryer and they could do with a teeny little bit more time so I always ask for them to be knapperig  (crispy).  The topping to go for here is the really traditional Dutch one, the OORLOG.  It’s difficult to pronounce, maybe just point to it on the menu or try the English word ‘oar’, followed by the Scottish word for lake: ‘loch’ and you have ‘oar-loch’.  Anyway, it is delicious, the oar-loch is a topping that is one squelch of mayonaise, one squelch of sate sauce (spicy peanut) and raw chopped onions (optional).  It is called an oorlog as it starts to resemble a war zone when you eat it.  Once you have your oorlog, head around the corner and sit on the edge of the water overlooking the Hotel de Paris and enjoy!