The Dampkring is the coffeeshop used in Oceans 12 a film I haven’t seen but still, it’s been cool for decades.  They have a sleepy cat called Bowie that you can stroke until you get bored.

Dampkring means ‘smoke ring’ as well as ‘atmosphere’ .  The staff are friendly and helpful and the decor is great.

What’s really great about the place is that you can buy €5 euros worth of hash or grass, they don’t make you buy a whole gram.  Also they have a huge selection of stuff, upper grass (sativa), downer (indica) and greatly varying strengths of both types.  Their pre-rolled joints are good quality and space cake consistent and contains 0.5g of THC impregnated butter and cost €7.50.

They don’t have vapourisers

There are two branches of Dampkring, the main one is the link  directly below

and the younger sister shop at Haarlemmerstraat 44, link below…