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Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

I don’t think that any of us alive today will forget 2020 in a hurry. Here in the Netherlands, we had a very loose kind of lockdown. The government labelled it an ‘intelligent lockdown’. We are stilll in this period now although the rules, as of yesterday, have relaxed a little. The ‘intelligent lockdown’ means that we were advised to stay at home but may go out at will anywhere, for whatever reason. We do have to be 1.5 metres away from other people though, unless they are in the same household.

It was a bumper year for sales for my tulip tour. About 150 people were booked in for the small group (minivan) tour to Keukenhof Gardens and then up to the farm featured in the video as well as a nearby windmill. I have fully refunded everyone and I hope to welcome them another year. What I did with the relative freedom that we have here, is go and visit the farm and shoot some footage of their tulip fields in full bloom.

This is the first time I have been filmed talking for a camera and, actually, it went better than I anticipated! On day 1 of filming, a film-maker friend took the footage but it was very windy and the sound was terrible. So I had to go back on day 2 by myself and set up the camera on a tripod, try and work out the settings, push ‘record’ and get into shot and tell a story. I also took lots of terrible footage using my phone on a gimble. Thankfully the same friend managed to weave some editing magic and find some good stuff within it all and this is the result.

I’ve made this primarily for the customers who were booked on the tour this year so they could get a little taste  of what could have been. But I’m so happy with it that I’m putting it out here online for others to stumble accross too.

Who knows what 2021 holds, perhaps I will meet you on one of my tulip tours!

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