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Tomaz – Traditional Dutch Food – €€

Food at Tomaz

Wholesome Traditional Dutch Food – bring on the Stamppot!

Tomaz serves good old fashioned Dutch food like Stamppot but jazzed up a bit resulting in a rich mix of flavors, including modern twists like added sun dried tomatoes which I loved. We were both more than happy with the Hachee though, which is a rich Dutch stew served with red cabbage and potato, see both dishes pictured above.

We opted for the ham starter just because we are both a bit squeamish about herring and smoked mackerel. The table next to us ordered the fish starter which featured the 2 just mentioned as well as a mound of mash with cockles embedded.  It looked delicious actually.

They have an excellent selection of local beers too, from De Prael Brewery as well as Brouwerij ‘t IJ.  I feel a flush of joy when I walk into a restaurant and see these beauties on the drinks card.  There is also a very respectable array of Dutch liquors, various Jenevers, and Corenwijn so you can really go the whole way with the Dutch experience!

In summer there are tables outside within view of the ancient side entrance to the Begijnhof.  Inside is snug and welcoming, check out their 360 views of the place on their website.

It is really homely inside and they have free wifi and board games and welcome people for just a drink and a snack.

They are open for lunch and dinner daily.  Try your luck and turn up or call them on 020 – 320 6489 to book a table.