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Amsterdam – Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room

Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room

Reypenaer Cheese is fabulous. I always describe it as the kind of cheese that Dutch people buy each other for Christmas. They buy really high-quality cheese and they let them age slowly and carefully.

If I could only eat 2 more Dutch kinds of cheese in my life, ever, they would be the 10-month goat’s cheese (Chevres Gris) and the 2-year cow’s milk cheese (Reypenaer VSOP).

It comes vacuum packed, so it lasts for 3 months out of the fridge and you can take it into the US.

Drop into the shop and try their cheeses. Or, you can do a 1-hour tasting in their very stylish basement tasting room where you get guided through a tasting and you get 6 blocks of cheese and 3 glasses of wine: white, red and port, to pair with the different kinds of cheese.

More info and booking for the tasting, click here to go to the Reypenaer website