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Prague – The Naked Tour Guide

Prague Skyline

Marcus has a relaxed way of making complicated history understandable, a quick laugh, and a wry sense of humor just below the surface that pokes regularly through. Lee and I went on all 3 tours, the early morning from 8am to 10am, the general historical tour fro 11am to 2pm as well as the evening castle tour from 7pm to 9pm.

The morning one was very special as the streets were still quiet and my previous experiences of Prague have always been of streets heaving with tourists and people shuffling in a crowd across the Charles Bridge.  So to have the bridge almost to ourselves was special.  I say almost as there were 3 parties of recently married Chinese couples, dressed in their wedding suits and billowing white dresses having professional photos taken with Prague Castle as a backdrop. Quite surreal.

Marcus’s explanation of the working of the famed astrological clock was amazing. It is the most phenomenal piece of kit. Actually, the explanation featured in both the morning and the historical tour which was a useful overlap just to let the details sink.

The 11am history tour is I exactly what it says it is, actually, there is a strong historical thread running through all three of the tours covering Prague’s rich and varied past, think Hapsburg, Nazi, Communist and now fiercely guarded democratic periods.  It was also great to be guided through pretty back streets and into interesting buildings like the library

Prague Castle at night was another super experience as the castle was all but deserted which is apparently quite normal for that time of day. My advice to anyone visiting Prague is just do all 3 tours, they are fabulous.

At Marcus’s suggestion, Lee and I visited a beautiful old cinema to watch the film Anthropoid, which is about the assassination of Hitler’s 3rd in command and was carried out in Prague by the Czech resistance. I wouldn’t normally watch a film when I’m in a foreign city as I feel like I should be walking the streets and soaking up the culture. It was riveting and ended with the 7 resistance members holed up in their hiding place in the crypt of a local church and fighting off the Nazis for 6 hours before eventually all taking their own lives rather than be captured and tortured. What we did after was walking directly to the crypt which is open to the public and exactly what we had just been watching in the cinema. It was a truly memorable experience.

Marcus has since created a new tour which includes a private screening of the film for the group (Max 12 people) and then a walk around Prague to where it all happened. I am definitely going back to Prague for that!