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Lokaal ‘t Loosje

Inside the cafe Lokaal 't Loosje

This is an old favorite of mine, one of the nicest and most welcoming ‘brown cafes’ of Amsterdam.  It is right on the Nieuwmarkt Square and really is a local hangout.

I love the way that the floor slopes, this is from subsidence and has not been corrected like sloping floors have been in most historic Amsterdam buildings and this adds centuries of charm for me. The old floor and wall tiles and wooden tables and chairs create a very comfortable and cozy environment and is a great place to tuck yourself away on a cold day, read a book, ok, website / online news, and look out over the Nieuwmarkt. The morning-sun terrace is perfect for warmer days and arranged Paris style with the chairs all facing the square. You realy can’t beat this place as an evening terrace to watch the world go by and people tend to be happy to share a table at busy times. It gets loud and animated later into the evening as alcohol accumulatess in bloodstreams and it’s a really vibrant place to go with a few friends and whittle the night away.

The good selection of drinks is very reasonably priced, there are always about 6 local beers on tap and a wide selection by bottle as well and they are all a bit cheaper than elsewhere.  The food that I’ve tried there has been good, breakfast from 08h30, there are croissant options but for me no breakfast is complete without toast with egg and bacon, which will set you back 5 euros (as of October 2019). The lunch time offerings are things like baguettes, bagels, wraps and salads, again, very reasonably priced.

People often ask me where locals go, well this is where!

Link to the website of Lokaa ‘t Loosje