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Kaashuis Tromp – Cheese House

Cheese shop in Amsterdam

Kaashuis Tromp (Tromp Cheese House) is a family cheese business started by Toon Tromp who began delivering milk, cheese and eggs in the early 1960s and then switched to a market stall so there was less legwork and his customers could come to him.

3 of his 8 children, Peter, Wim and Roel, were also bitten by the cheese bug and followed where he led. One shop became 2 and now there are 15 shops scattered across the Netherlands. Luckily for us there are 2 in centrsl Amsterdam and they stock a wide range of Dutch cheeses, but also cheeses from all over Europe.

Visit one of their shops and be helped by their enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable team of cheese lovers. You might even get to meet the dad, Toon, who can be found in one of the shops most days. If you don’t meet him, you can taste the cheese named after him, “Ouwe Toon” (Old Toon). This is a rich in flavour 2 year old Gouda that is slightly crumbly, but still possible to slice and has a bit of a bite to it. This will set you back 16 euros a kilo (as of October 2019). The cheeses here can be vacuum packed which means that you can take them int most countries, US included.

There’s a very wide selection here. Today I bought a Dutch blue cheese from Utrecht as well as a Sardinian Pecorino with veins of truffle running through it.

They also prepare freshly filled bread rolls here, “broodjes” in Dutch, with a whole assortment of fillings that include a good selection of cheeses, naturally!

The addresses of the shops are: Utrechtstraat 90 and Elandsgracht 27. The opening hours are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 7pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.