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Amsterdam – Hungry Birds – Street Food Tours

A full 4-hour food adventure in small groups of between 2 and 8 people.

Hungry Birds invited me on their Daytime Experience’ and I loved it.  I was curious to see how they would make a whole tour out of Dutch street food, which, let’s face it, people can be quite dismissive about.

The food was super, I never knew yogurt could taste so good.  We ran through many Dutch staples, from Herring and Kibbeling to Krokets, Stroopwafels, Poffertjes and Apple Pie. Cheese was also naturally on the menu, as well as drinks were thrown in too.

For me, the high point was an Indonesian ‘Toko’ or little supermarket/take away. The meat pasty was superb, so much so that I have become a regular customer there. The toko also makes their own sambals and I have tried every single type they make and always have them in the house and even give them as presents.

If you are in Amsterdam and staying in De Pijp, this takeaway also offers an affordable way of eating superb Indonesian food. The place is called Toko Ramee and is found next to the MacDonalds at Ferdinand Bolstraat 74. They also have a few tables now so you can eat there too.

Rachel, the guide I had, was an absolute delight to be with and made every single person feel welcome and special. It’s about time I did their other tours. They have a great selection now of food tours of various neighbourhoods, a special Sunday toour, and varying durations from 3 to 5 hours.

2019 update, Hungry Birds are going strong and they have incresed the numebr of their experiences which now include the following: Daytime Original, Daytime East, Daytime de Pijp, Evening Experience, Sunday Experience.