Iconic – Papeneiland

Amsterdam Papeneiland View

Papeneiland means Pope Island, this little corner of Amsterdam was called that because when Amsterdam went Protestant in 1578, this patch stayed predominantly Catholic, albeit discretely so! Below the buildings in the photo, right on the corner, is a little cafe called… Cafe Papeneiland which is well worth a pop in for a beer or…

Panoramic – EYE – Film Museum Bar/Restaurant

View on at the EYE

I’ve put this in the views section, not the Museums section as it has unparalleled views over the water behind Central Station. Inside the EYE The bar & restaurant are in the museum but free entry and have an amazing view. The super modern building…

Panoramic – SkyLounge at the Double Tree Hilton

Inside SkyLounge

The rooftop bar of the Double Tree Hilton Hotel has the most amazing views of the old city center.  The hotel is the glass wedge-shaped building to the east (right when facing the station) of Central Station.What’ I like a lot about it is that its not that high up so you’re just looking down…