Chocolaterie Pompadour

Chocolates at Chocolaterie Pompadour

The lemon drizzle and chocolate walnut tart I tried were absolutely and utterly sublime, light, rich, delicate, smooth, I want more MORE MORE.  All the chocolates and cakes at Chocolaterie Pompadour are made by them with fantastic quality ingredients and a huge dollop of skill and care.  The chocolates melt and burst with flavor, putting all others…

Beste Doner – Dapper Markt – €

Doner at Beste Doner

This little gem of a kebab ‘tent’ is at the Western entrance to the Dapper Markt. Their large lamb doner kebab (pictured), €4.50 is fantastic!  The bread is light, slightly warm and crispy on the outside and the meat and salads, relish and sauces plentiful and fresh.  If you like spicy then request the Madam Jeanette…

Lokaal ‘t Loosje

Inside Lokaal 't Loosje

This is an old favorite of mine, one of the nicest and most welcoming ‘brown cafes’ of Amsterdam.  It is right on the Nieuwmarkt Square but somehow maintains its local feel.  The old floor and wall tiles and wooden tables and chairs create a very comfortable and cozy environment and the terrace is perfect for…

Hannekes Boom

Beer at Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom has been a trendy, slightly offbeat, unpretentious local hangout for years now. It is central but tucked away. I  summer it heaves and is choc-a-block full day and night. Now, it’s a bit quieter in the afternoons and a great place to hang out and watch to boats go by and see the…

Small World Catering €

Menu Small World Catering

I wish I had known about this place earlier. It’s fab, the owner for 15 years, Sean, keeps up a constant welcoming banter with his regular customers who pop in to pick up, or to tuck, into their lunches. It is small and perfect for a quick drop by light lunch on the go.  There…

Tokoman – Surinamese – €

Breadroll stuffed with pom, a Surinamese speciality chicken dish.

I am not ashamed to say that I am addicted to Tokoman bread rolls or, “Broodje’s” as they call them here.  Particularly the Surinamese style beef and the Broodje Pom.  Both are delicious, the beef tender and tasty.  The Pom is something really special, a traditional Surinamese oven dish with dark meat chicken, the root…

H. Vet Deli €

Inside H.-Vet-Deli

There is the most inviting deli counter here with all sorts of fillers for sandwiches or bread rolls but their most popular product, one that gets locals queueing out the door, is the ‘Broodje Zeedijk’. The ‘Broodje Zeedijk’ is a freshly baked bread roll, brown or white, stuffed full with shaved smoked chicken, fried bacon…

Latei – Tea, coffee and cakes

Inside Cafe Latei

This is one of the cutest Tea Rooms in existence I think and the perfect place for a cuppa and newspaper or book.  It is a small quirky place filled with retro furniture and objects, loads of which are also for sale so it really a combination of a second-hand shop and tea room.  The…

The Pancake Bakery

Outside The Pancake Bakery

The really traditional Dutch pancake, bacon (€8.10) with maple syrup, above was delicious and filling, I liked the big pot of syrup and wooden spoon thing. The Segafredo coffee was great too. One great thing about this place is that it is BIG so no wasting time waiting around for tables.