Thai Food Cafe – €

Food at Thai Food Cafe

A while ago I stumbled across a blog by an Amsterdam journalist, Patricia Jacobs,  called and it has been a goldmine of great foodie tips. I love Thai food so was very excited to read her good review of the Chiang Mai sausage at Thai Food Cafe. It was truly delicious, a pork sausage spiced…

Lombardo’s – Burgers & Sandwiches €€

Outside Lombardo's

Wow, believe the hype, the burger was spectacular. The meat (pork in this case) was thick and juicy and tasty, the bun was perfect, not too hard, not too soft, the relish in the burger was amazing!  The fries were a bit of a letdown, they were slightly undercooked and there weren’t many of them,…

Venkel Best Salads – €

Food at Venkel

Venkel (means Fennell) serves organic salads, warm and cold in a beautiful, calm, chic but laid back shop. They have 6 suggested salads, imaginative combinations like freshly grilled chicken on a bed of shredded red and white cabbage with raisins, cashews, apple and pear chopped in a parsley & light curry-yogurt-mayonnaise dressing or freshly grilled…

Small World Catering €

Menu Small World Catering

I wish I had known about this place earlier. It’s fab, the owner for 15 years, Sean, keeps up a constant welcoming banter with his regular customers who pop in to pick up, or to tuck, into their lunches. It is small and perfect for a quick drop by light lunch on the go.  There…

TerraZen Centre – vegan & organic – €

Food at TerraZen

UPDATE: I just visited again in Jan 2015 and had the famed ‘Chicken’ wrap. The ‘chicken’ is home pressed tofu. It was superb, the nuggets were slightly crispy on the outside, the veggies, cooked to perfection, and bursts of flavor throughout. Izaba was as friendly and welcoming as he always is and I caught up…

Tokoman – Surinamese – €

Breadroll stuffed with pom, a Surinamese speciality chicken dish.

I am not ashamed to say that I am addicted to Tokoman bread rolls or, “Broodje’s” as they call them here.  Particularly the Surinamese style beef and the Broodje Pom.  Both are delicious, the beef tender and tasty.  The Pom is something really special, a traditional Surinamese oven dish with dark meat chicken, the root…

Kantijl To Go – Indonesian – €

Food at Kantijl

YAY, cheap good Indonesian food! You choose 3 things here: 1. steamed rice, fried rice or fried noodles, 2. one of four vegetable dishes, 3. one of three meat dishes, either chicken or beef. That gets dished into a takeaway container and heated up and for 7.50€ you’ve got a good sized meal. I had…

The Pancake Bakery

Outside The Pancake Bakery

The really traditional Dutch pancake, bacon (€8.10) with maple syrup, above was delicious and filling, I liked the big pot of syrup and wooden spoon thing. The Segafredo coffee was great too. One great thing about this place is that it is BIG so no wasting time waiting around for tables.

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancake at Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam has a great reputation for good reason.  The staff was SO pleasant and friendly and the food good value and high quality. Ok, I’m not crazy about queuing and there is usually a wait but it was worth it. That’s what I call a pancake, warm cherry and syrupy stuff with ice cream…

Maoz Falafel – Eat as much as you like – €

Outside Maoz

This is the best value meal in town without a doubt. 4.90 buys you 5 falafel balls in pita bread. Eat the falafels to make space in the pita and then fill it up with fresh salad and sauces and then eat the salad – and refill with salad as many times as you like….