De Belhamel – French – €€

De Belhamel French Restaurant Interior

De Belhamel is a long-established and much-loved restaurant in Amsterdam and I don’t know why it took me so long to eat there. Well, I did today and it was fabulous. It is the kind of place you can really push the boat out and have a superb – and to be fair pricey –…

Tomaz – Traditional Dutch Food – €€

Food at Tomaz

Wholesome Traditional Dutch Food – bring on the Stamppot! Tomaz serves good old fashioned Dutch food like Stamppot but jazzed up a bit resulting in a rich mix of flavors, including modern twists like added sun dried tomatoes which I loved. We were both more than happy with the Hachee though, which is a rich Dutch…

Jun – Indonesian – €€

Food at Jun

I’ve been trying out Indonesian restaurants all over town, and this one is fantastic.  It was suggested to me by Patricia Jacobs, who gives so many good tips in her blog Amsterdam Bites to Die For and it really hit the spot. The flavors were superb and varied, subtle, spicy, rich, fresh, they spice their…

Terang Boelan – Indonesian Take Away €

Food at Terang Boelan

Oh wow.  Amazing flavors.  I was literally whimpering with pleasure when I was eating and wish I didn’t live on completely the other side of Amsterdam to Terang Boelan. I’ve wanted to try this place for years but tend only to be in the area on Saturdays and it’s closed then. Patricia Jacobs raved about…

Greetje Traditional Dutch €€

Food at Greetje

Greetje is a lovely small high-quality restaurant that serves a wide selection of interesting Dutch food… The Dutch in the Golden Age had an amazingly rich and varied cuisine and took their feasting extremely seriously. Greetje does justice to that old tradition so, move over pea and ham soup and basic StampPot, hutspot with a…

Loetje Centraal Station €€

Food at Loetje Centraal Station

Brilliant to find that the quality of steak is the same here as at the original Cafe Loetje near the museums.  Loetje Centraal Station could not be easier to find, it is in the pretty white building directly opposite the main entrance to Central Station, about 20 meters walk.  There is a wide long terrace…

Lalla Rookh – Surinamese €

Food at Lalla Rookh

Surinam was a Dutch colony on the north coast of Brazil. African slaves were taken there to work in plantations and, post-slavery, workers from Indonesia, China and India were taken there as paid labor. All those cultures had distinct cuisines that they mixed and merged with local ingredients half the globe away from where they…

Cafe Loetje €€

Food at Cafe Loetje

I’m on a quest to find the best steak in Amsterdam and this place was recommended to me by my 85-year-old Dutch teacher who lives nearby. It was indeed excellent. Of the 2 steaks pictured, the big chunk (whole and sliced open) is the large portion and the plate with 2 pieces is the smaller option….

Nyonya Malaysian €

Food at Nyonya

I have walked past this place daily for ages and noticed it but never ventured in until it was featured on that goldmine of local foodie info, Patricia Jacob’s blog Amsterdam Bites To Die For – click it and see!  I had what she had so if you want a more eloquent description click the…

Cafe De Klos – Best ribs & chicken – €€

Ribs at De Klos

Hell yeah. This place has 2 things I am addicted to… Smoked chicken and UNSMOKED ribs (in my opinion the smoked ribs are way too salty). You get half a smoked chicken, warm and a salad & bread for about 18€. The unsmoked ribs come with salad and bread also. You get 3 slabs of…