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Amsterdam Virtual Tour – Tulip Fields Forever

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Book as a private tour for you and your group of up to 20 screens.

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Tulip Fields Forever

Spend an hour with me, enjoying a huge tulip field with rows and rows of different coloured tulips.

You will see tulips, tulips and more tulips of different colours and shapes and dramatic views of flowers stetching into the distance. These views still take my breath away despite seeing them every year!

But there’s more! The setting is the beautiful Dutch countryside. The field lies in a UNESCO world heritage site, the Beemster Polder. This is the bed of a lake that was drained in 1612! It was the first major lake draining project in Holland and the reclaimed land lies at 5 metres below sea level. You can actually see the bank that was the edge of the lake right next to the field. You don’t get much more Dutch than that!

Topics covered include all sorts of details about the planting, management, harvesting, sorting, storing and selling of the bulbs.

I will also talk about the history of the tulip and chart for you how they progressed from a subtle, modest wild flower to the cultivated extravaganza that they are nowadays. No history of the tulip would be complete without telling the story of the tulip mania that gripped Holland 1600s how they caused the world’s first stock market bubble.

I love quizzes so there will be one of those too and, of course, time for quesions & answers.

The tour takes place on Zoom and the cost is 225 euros including fees. The reason for the relatively higher cost compared to other tours is that I need to rent a car to get to the field.

I only run this tour briefly, in April, when the fields are in full bloom.