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Private Amsterdam Virtual Tours

Quick Details

Private Tour All ages

Private Virtual Tours – Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans – Haarlem – Monnickendam

Join Mark or Lee on a live-streamed walk. We broadcast live using Zoom and show you around telling stories along the way. You see what we see and every now and then we pop in front of the camera too. We include screen shares of maps, interiors or details of what we are talking about. We chat and take questions.

As these are Private Tours you can add your own friends and family to the Zoom tour. Up to 10 computer link-ups works fine. The price stays the same regardless of how many of your friends you invite to join us. They can watch from their own computer in their own home.

The start time will change depending on where you are in the world. So once you have decided on the date you want to book a tour we can agree a that works for both of us.

If you are interested in joining one of the below tours on a group tour, with other people you don’t know, then also email me and I will let you know the options available.

Prices of the Amsterdam tours are €150 and prices for tours outside Amsterdam are €200

All the arangements are made by email or phone:

[email protected]

Tel / WhatsApp +31 6272 69604

Here’s a list of 1 hour tours that are available:

Amsterdam: Highlights Tour – Guide: Mark 

The route covers: Central Station, the Zeedijk Old Church, China Town, Nieuwmarkt, Dutch East Indies Co HQ, Dam Square, Canal Belt & Jordaan. All the expected topics are covered as well as any areas of interest that you have. There’s a bit of history, culture, social policy, architecture, art, Golden Age, royalty, canals & water managemt.

Amsterdam: Trading on Tolerance – Guide: Mark 

Discover why Amstedam was tolerant and the famous instances of this: When it was illegal but tolerated to be Catholic. Why prostitution was tolerated and the Red Light District allowed to develop. What led to the relaxed soft drug policy in the Netherlands. Finally how tolerance chaged over the centuries from a putting-up-with-of-differences to a celebration of diversity!

Amsterdam: All Houses Great and Small – Guide: Mark 

Houses are Amsterdam’s most iconic feature. Find out all about them, their shapes, odd sizes, tendency to lean over. Mark will show you the best preserved wooden house in the city as well as the grandest and smallest houses. Depending on the day and time we may be able to arrange access to go inside Amsterdam’s smallest house during the tour.

Amsterdam: Skinny Bridges and Fat Wallets – Guide: Mark 

The Skinny Bridge is Amstedam’s favourite bridge and spans the Amstel River which is lined with house boats. This is the starting point to an exploration of the southern canal belt, where the really rich people lived during Amsterdam’s Golden Age. Mark talks about the housboats and grand houses with anecdoes of the movers and shakers of the time.

Amsterdam: Princes & Paupers – Guide: Mark 

Start on Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace and find out why we have a monarchy. The walk though the western canal belt charts the separation of rich and poor in 17th century Amsterdam and the social changes that went with this. The tour finishes in the Jordaan, the old workers’ district that despite gentrification still has charming a neighbourhood feel.

Rembrandt’s Amsterdam – Guide: Lee

Amsterdam is full of impressive buildings that existed during the iconic Golden Age painter’s lifetime. Lee will retrace his steps through the old town to see where his paintings hung, where he worked and lived, and learn about his life and work along the way.

Amsterdam in WWII: Anne Frank House to Dam Square – Guide: Lee 

How did a country so famous for freedom cope under strict Nazi rule during world war II? Lee will cover topics such as the initial invasion, what general life was like for different groups in society, the liberation, and how the war is remembered today.

Amsterdam: Heroic acts of Resistance in World War II – Guide: Lee 

Explore the many monuments to brave Amsterdammers in the beautiful Plantage district. Learn about who participated in the resistance, where, and how they were funded. Special focus is given to women and members of the LGBT community who have often been overlooked in the history books.

Zaanse Schans: Wonderful Windmills in an Old Village Setting – Guide: Mark 

Learn how windmills work and see the majestic mills that line the Zaan river. These are set next to a delighful village of saved wooden houses that were painstakingly moved to their current location by barge and trailer in the 1960s!

Haarlem: Around the Grote Markt – Guide: Mark 

The Golden Streets and the Grote Markt, Haarlem’s central market square, is a picturesque and beautiful place to learn a bit of Dutch history as reflected in the buildings of the period. The massive Grote Kerk dominates the town and the square is lined with imortant and prefectly restored witnesses to Haarlem’s rich and varied past.

Haarlem by Bike: Highlights Tour – Guide: Mark 

Explore Haarlem and hit the main highlights on a virtual tour with mark on a bicycle! The route is very flexible but can cover the southern parkland, the main grand square, Corrie ten Boom, a cycle along the Sparne river with its imposing windmill as well as a walk though some of Haarlem’s charming back streets.

Monnickendam: Old Cobbled Harbour Town – Guide: Mark 

What a gem, hidden between the tourist magnets of Vollendam and Marken. This old Protestant town has been restored countless times over the centuries and the result is an incredibly attractive and laid back place. It has been popular as a day trip destination for Amsterdammers of taste for hundreds of years!