Because Amsterdam has so many heavy-wieght museums the Amsterdam Museum is an often overlooked gem.

It is pleasantly laid out in the maze-like old city orphanage and had lots of rooms, wings, floors, tucked away corners and is a lot larger than you expect.  The first section, Amsterdam DNA, gives a very clear and interesting overview of the city’s history with large wall charts covering the last 1000 years.  Once you have that overview just wander through room after room of art, objects spanning the earliest beginnings right up to modern Amsterdam.

The museum is thoughtfully and attractively laid out with a few interactive exhibits but not so many to make it irritating.  Okay I am a bit cranky with interactive stuff and think some recently renovated museums like the Maritime Museum are just annoying because of so much hard-to-use-interactive-crap!

The orange mirror tunnel is fin for photos too!

Open daily from 10 to 5, 15 euros to get in, give the place more time than you expect.  I have had feedback from people on my tours who have gone there and suddenly they realised that 4 hours had flown by!

The museum is quite difficult to find as it is tucked between the Kalverstraat and the Niewuezijdsvoorburgwal (yes that really is a street name).  There are various ways in, I have marked the nicest way in on the map because you go through an arch that dates from from 1581 and suggests that well do do citizens who visit the City Orphanage should leave with a little one, ie adopt a baby!

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